Sunday, January 25, 2015

Funny Story!

So, last night, chicken fajitas were on the menu for dinner.  The chicken had been marinating all day.  We have a nice big grill that we use while in Benson, and around 5:30 or so, Bill goes out and turns on the grill to let it get hot.  Ten minutes later he goes out and the grill isn't hot.  Wouldn't you know it, the grill's propane tank ran out of propane.

Not to worry…Bill simply took the propane tank from our catalytic heater to attach to the grill.  Guess what?  That tank was empty too.  OK - we'll use the tank from our chiminea…don't think so…that one is empty too.  Never fear, we keep an extra propane tank in our storage shed.  

To make a long story short…finding no tanks with any propane, Bill ended up taking out our Weber-Q that we use while on the road and grilling the chicken on it, using a one-pound propane canister.

For some reason, Bill didn't find our situation as funny as I did.  

Here are the four empty tanks, all lined up ready for a trip to the propane store.  I bet you can guess where we'll be going on Monday.
In spite of the propane fiasco, the fajitas were delicious!  And, we were blessed with another beautiful Arizona sunset.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

This and That

Not too much happening in Benson, AZ.  Bill and I have been busy with projects around the house, like cleaning out the shed.  How do we accumulate so much stuff?  We have full timing friends who refuse to have a shed on their site in the nearby Escapees RV Park.  After seeing all of the junk treasures we had we ours, I am starting to understand their reasoning.

The good stuff we have taken to the local Good Will, so hopefully folks will get some use out of a 25' 30 amp extension cord, a tripod for a satellite dish, a set of jumper cables, and a nice selection of books, among other things.

The really good stuff we are putting on Craigslist.  In less than 24 hours, we sold our Jeep and a portable generator.  Bill is a selling machine on Craigslist.

Yesterday for fun we went to an RV show in Tucson.  We mostly looked at the fifth wheels, just to see what has changed since we bought our Cameo a few years ago.  

What caught my eye the most was how similar the fifth wheels were to each other.  No matter who the manufacturer was, most rigs had the same floor plan and the same "look" about them.  However, there was one model that had the living room up front and the bedroom in the back.  It was different, for sure, and I can't decide if I like it or not.  It was a fun few hours and proved to us that we still love our Cameo.

Bill and I are really enjoying being back on our site.  Yes, we've been busy cleaning, donating and selling, but we are on no set schedule, which makes it very nice.  We have gotten in the habit of having our morning coffee outside to take advantage of the nice view of the Whetstone Mountains.
Another thing, we have been busy lining up our summer plans.  We will return to Canyon Campground in Yellowstone National Park for our 9th season.  Our report date is April 9, and we'll be in the Park until mid-late October.  So, stop by and say hey if you're in the neighborhood!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


….That was Bill and me as we pulled into our site in Benson, AZ.  We've been back a few days and have been busy washing the rig and truck, doing laundry (in my OWN washer and dryer), and cleaning out and organizing storage compartments.

We enjoyed our trip, but it is nice to be hunkered in for a while.  Unless we get bored…if we get bored you may find us hooking up and heading out again!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Potter's Creek Campground - Canyon Lake, TX

Now that's more like it!  After two overnights in privately-owned RV parks, we finally have a little elbow room.  We have stopped for a couple of nights at Potter's Creek Campground in the Texas Hill Country.  This is a Corp of Engineer park situated along Canyon Lake.

We knew we had been here in the past but couldn't remember exactly when.  After perusing my old journals, I discovered we spent Thanksgiving here in 2005 and 2007.  I'm thinking we were in this same site in 2005.

It's nice to be back in a place where we have such good memories. Our plan this visit is to kick back and take it easy for a couple of days and then continue our trek back to Benson.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Can Humans Mildew?

Yes, I grew up in the south.  In fact, for the first 40 years of my life I lived in the south.  However, I had forgotten how wet and humid the winters can be in Georgia.  Cold temperatures haven't been a factor, just wet and overcast.

We've spent the past 5 nights back in Georgia, and I was wanting to get pictures to post of our set up.  I kept waiting for a sunny day…well, a sunny day never happened, so no pictures.  Our friends let us park the rig in one of their pastures, and we even had 30 amp service.  Our friends were really concerned because there were cows in the pasture as well.  We had to assure them we hang out with bison all summer in Yellowstone, so the cows shouldn't be a problem.  And they weren't…they were very curious and decided the best grass was the grass under our slide-outs. 

This has been an awesome trip.  We have enjoyed seeing so many friends and family, but now we're ready to head west!  We left Georgia this morning and stopped for the night in Livingston, LA.  We got further than we had planned, and gaining that hour sure helped.  

From here, we plan to slow down and enjoy the journey back to Benson, AZ.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Yes, I Believe in Guardian Angels

Yesterday, Bill and I left Columbus, heading to our friends' place just north of Atlanta.  Of course, the only way to get north of Atlanta is to go through it.  Since we were staying on the western side of the city, we opted to to take I-85 to the perimeter I-285 to I-75.  Traffic was actually pretty slim due to the holidays.

Things were going well.  We made the transition to I-285 just fine and were in our lane minding our own business.  In a few minutes, a gray pick-up truck moves over into our lane in front of us.  The bed of the truck is loaded with patio furniture.  I'm thinking to myself, "that furniture isn't tied down."  The truck hits a bump and a metal patio chair bounces out of the truck bed and onto the highway…right in front of us!

Bill slams on the brakes, doing his best to avoid the chair that is coming right at us.  All of a sudden, the chair takes a 90 degree turn to the left and ends up on the driver's side.  I'm sitting in the passenger seat waiting to hear horrible noises…but, I hear nothing.  We get past the chair, and Bill says he thinks he missed it.  The chair remained between the two lanes.

Miraculously, we didn't get a scratch on the truck or the 5th wheel, and everyone behind us was able to get around the chair too.

To say it was a stressful situation is a huge understatement.  It's amazing to me how many thoughts can run through your mind in such a short time frame.  And now that it's over, I keep thinking about "what if."

Normally, I am a very easy going person, and it takes a lot to get under my skin.  However, if I could get my hands on the driver of that truck, I'd punch him right in the face!