Thursday, October 31, 2013


After two tent camping trips, Bill and I decided we need to stay home a week to take care of some chores.  Mainly, washing and waxing the rig. Bill spreads this chore over a few days in order not to hurt so badly. :-)
I offer to help...I really do...but he tells me it's a one man job.  Plus, he is so particular and does such a great job, I help by making sure he drinks plenty of water and has a good lunch.

Now, just because I'm not "waxing on, waxing off" doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything.  I've been going through every cabinet and drawer inside the rig, organizing and getting rid of stuff we no longer need. 

I am so proud of one project Bill and I completed.  The way our rig is situated, the hot desert sun comes through the big window on the rear of our fifth wheel and heats up the entire rig.  We looked into having a sunshade made for the window, but at over $200, we decided to look at other options.  

While we were cleaning out, we once again, came across a sunshade that attaches to the awning.  We've had this sunshade since we hit the road, and we've used it once and that was on the first fifth wheel we had back in 2000.  You can probably see where this is going.  Bill went on-line and ordered special snaps used to install outside sunshades.  We took the sunshade we had, measured twice and cut once, and before we knew it, we had installed a sunshade on our back window...all for less than $50 and a little manual labor.  It is such an improvement!  The entire rigs stays cooler.
We are not the only folks working on projects. This is our next door neighbor's site:
Since we've been back, there has been a work crew cutting up concrete, pouring new concrete, expanding the shed, and putting up a huge awning that will cover almost the entire site.  Rumor has it they should finish today.  It really hasn't been too bad...they seem to be a nice group of guys.

So, while we have this construction going on beside us, we have road work going behind us.  We knew when we bought our site, there was a chance someone could build on the vacant property behind us.  

According to the talk around the resort, Arizona has a law where you must "improve" your property within seven years of getting permits or lose all permits.  Well, apparently, this is year seven for these folks, who have permits to put in a subdivision, and they are improving the property by putting in roads.

We don't like the idea of having a subdivision behind us, but it is what it is.  (As my Daddy always said...if you don't want something built on a piece of property, you'd better buy it.) But, on a positive note, we've been told there are no plans to start building any houses at this point.  Plus, the way the roads are laid out, there is no room to put a house directly behind us.

I must admit having the big equipment behind us, with all of their "beeping" is more aggravating than the work crew next door.  But, again, the road crew finishes up around 3:00 and doesn't work on the weekends.  In addition, they have a huge water truck that sprays often to keep dust at a minimum.

Bill and I are right on track getting the chores done and hope to go camping next week.  We want to take advantage of the beautiful weather...we know winter is coming.

Speaking of winter, this is when folks start to think about next summer and putting plans together.  If any of you has thought about working in Yellowstone, here is a link to a "Working in Yellowstone" post I did back in 2012.  Believe me, there are worse places to spend the summer!


  1. Thanks for your reply to my email question. And you got us thinking of doing Yellowstone. Unfortunately it may be a couple of years down the road though (maybe, hopefully 2016). We look forward to meeting you all someday if our paths happen to cross. Thank you so much with all the information you share.

  2. This is how we operate, too! John does all the outside washing and waxing while I maintain order inside. I did the clean out of every drawer and closet during our big lay over in York, PA. It always feels so good to purge. It is amazing how much more I get rid of ever year.

    Very clever shade:)

  3. Is your lot in an RV community. I'm looking at establishing a home base somewhere. I'm making a list of possible locations and making comparisons. I'll be working in Cody in 2014. Easier for me than working in Yellowstone because I do not tow a car.

    1. Teri - Our RV lot is in Cochise Terrace RV Resort in Benson, AZ. The park has an overnight section and a gated owners' section. The park has also started to sell sites in an area called "Snowbird Hill," which is not gated. Email me if you want more info.

      Good decision about working in Cody. I've known a couple of folks who worked in the park without a tow's just not a good idea. Cody should be great! Have fun!