Monday, December 16, 2013

Big Bend National Park

After getting holed up in Van Horn, TX for an additional night due to icy road conditions, we drove down to Big Bend National Park on Friday.  I'm glad we waited a day because our drive down was under sunny blue skies.

We drove on to Rio Grande Village where we found a site in the no-hook up campground.

We have had our Cameo fifth wheel for almost three years, and until this trip, we had never dry camped and really tried out the solar panels on the rig.  Bill and I were thrilled with the way the rig performed.  We brought along a small generator (just in case), but we never needed it.

One of the hikes we did was Lost Mine Trail.  It was about 5 miles round trip and climbed for some great views of the park.

This picture of Bill at the top doesn't do it justice.  The views were amazing, but the wind was horrific!  I wouldn't let him get too close to the edge.

Another hike we enjoyed was the Hot Springs Trail.  J.O. Langford ad his family homesteaded this area near the Rio Grande River in 1909.  He built a post office/store, a motel, and a small health spa using hot spring waters.  After unrest in Mexico, including a civil war, the Langfords left permanently in 1942.  They sold their property to the US government so it would become a part of the national park, and the small resort continued to operate under a park concessionaire for several more years.

 This is what remains of the post office/store that Mr. Langford built with the help of a stonemason.
 And this is the motel:
 The development is just a few steps from the Rio Grande.
 And the hot spring can still be enjoyed today.  Although we didn't partake, a few people were soaking as we walked by.
 The hike continued past the hot spring, along the Rio Grande and up an embankment with nice overlooks.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Big Bend National Park.  Now that we know the rig is set up for boondocking, Bill is ready to head out once again.  Who knows where we might end up?


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  1. Gee, I guess I don't know TX. I am surprised by all the rocks and hills. This looks like a hike out west. How neat!

    Glad you are trying out the boondocking. It should give you lots of new places to visit with quiet surroundings.

    Happy hiking!