Thursday, April 24, 2014

Home for the Next Six Weeks

We pulled out of Gardiner at 12:20 to drive to Lake.  Bill led the way, and I followed.  The roads were wet, but since the temperature stayed above freezing, we had no problems.

And we always take a picture of opening the gate.  Today there was a car behind me.  When they told me they were not employees, I informed them they could not come through the gate.  They had the Yellowstone map in their hands and asked me lots of questions of where to go.  They were a nice couple, and I hope I helped them.  They turned around and headed off.
The worst conditions were in Hayden Valley.  I had flashbacks of our 2011 Hayden Valley adventure.  Fortunately, we did not get stuck this time.
The bear Bill saw yesterday lying on a buried carcass was still there today.  My first bear sighting!
Continuing through Hayden Valley, we encountered a couple of bison meandering along the road.
And here we are getting into our site, where we will live for the next six weeks.  As we pulled in, it began to snow.
The campground manager at Fishing Bridge RV Park invited us to a potluck tonight.  The FBRV staff arrived today, and since I will be training a lot of them, I had the opportunity to meet them before training starts Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I will go over to the Lake Hotel and get the training room set up.  As I am typing this, the snow is really coming down outside.  But, since we are settled in our site, let it snow!


  1. I would be nervous driving on icy or snowy roads. I hope things clear up by May 14th.

  2. You're home again! We're homesick it!

    Rick & Dianne

  3. You're home again! We're homesick it!

    Rick & Dianne

  4. I can't believe that grizzly was still there. He isn't letting anything get that food for sure.

    Not as much snow this year by the looks of things.

    Have a great time preparing this years crew. Hope everyone stays for their set time this summer.

  5. Do you have chains on your truck and/or trailer? Curious how that will be to have to use chains. Looks absolutely like heaven! Something we might consider in the near future.

    1. No chains! We don't even own any chains. The truck is 4WD, and we've had to use it a few times, but not today.

  6. Glad to see you have arrived safe and sound. We will arrive in Jackson today and start work on Wednesday.

  7. Looks like quite an adventure, being in the park before it is really up to speed. Stay warm.