Thursday, April 24, 2014

Move Day!

After two weeks in Gardiner, MT, today, Bill and I move into the interior of Yellowstone National Park.  Most of the park is still closed, so that means we have to go through locked gates.  We've done this many times before, and it never gets old.  We always take pictures of us unlocking the gate.  It is fun, knowing we are going where the general public isn't allowed yet.

Bill is working until lunch, so we'll move down this afternoon, giving the roads time to thaw and warm up a bit.  Bill was working in the park yesterday, and some stretches of the roads were a little icy.  Temps should be warmer today.  

While Bill was down in the Lake area yesterday, he saw three different grizzly bears, all dining on bison carcasses. Here is one of my favorite pictures he took yesterday:
I guess this guy had enough to eat, and now he is lying on the buried carcass, saving it for later.

Looking forward to getting moved.  On Saturday, I begin training the Fishing Bridge RV Park crew.


  1. Would love to be with you right now in Yellowstone. Great photo of the grizzly:)

  2. That grizzly picture and tale is wonderful.

  3. I can only imagine how exciting it is to enter the park through locked gates! The wildlife you see is amazing!